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Non-Destructive Testing



Eddy Current Test Hydrostatic Tests
This test is used to detect hidden flaws, inhomogeneties, cracks etc. using the test procedure described in ASTM E-426. Tecnofour Flaw Mark detector with digital data recorder is used for testing entire length of the tubes. All tubes and pipes produced at HMTIPL are compulsorily subjected to 100% hydro testing. Hydrostatic Testing can be carried out at pressures upto 450kg /cm sq. Customers or their deputed inspection agencies can witness 100% hydro testing at our plant. For thin wall tubes Pneumatic Testing (Air under water) is done at 300 psi max. Air pressure.

Ultrasonic Testing

If asked by the customer, pipes are subjected to Ultrasonic testing. An acoustic transmitter probe generates a sound beam which is applied to test piece using water as Couplant. The Ultrasonic Test Equipment is calibrated using a reference test piece with artificial defect test which is from the same pipe lot that is to be tested. The tested tubes are considered flawless if they do not cause any indications longer than that produce by the reference test piece. The Ultrasonic Test is conducted as described in ASTM E 213/A-450.

Ultrasonic Unit
Type rotating probe method 10 Channels
Longitudal Defect 4 probes
Transverse Defect 4 probes
Wall Thickness 1 probes
OD & ID 1 probes
Speed of Testing 15-20 meters per minute
Notch Depth 5% of wall thickness

Metallurgical Investigation & Corrosion Testing

Stainless steel tubes are tested for micro structure, carbide precipitation & grain size using Metallurgical Microscope. Corrosion testing is conducted as per ASTM - A - 262, practice A, B, C, D, E as required by the users. Residual Stress test is also conducted. All these tests are conducted at NABL Certified laboratory which is approved by third party inspection agencies. HMTIPL has also invsted in 3 PMI testing machine to further ensure final quality of tubes.

Visual Inspection

All products at HMTIPL are subjected to 100% visual & Dimensional inspection.