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Packing plays very important role for Steel Tubes & Pipes. Special care is taken for Long Thin Walled Tubes and U' Bend Tubes.
Different types of packing methods are adopted by HMTIPL, depending on the customer's need and type of product. Some of them are given in attached photographs.

Standard Packing Chart

Sr No. Type of Packing Applicability
1 Hessian / PVC Cloth Bundles with PVC Box Strap or Hexagonal Bundles
Details not given in Customer's Order.
As Per Customer Requirement.Regular Packing When Packing
2 Wooden Crate
For Domestic Supply.
As Per Customer Requirement.
3 Wooden Box made of treated wood or plywood sheet
Recommended For Long, Thin Walled &
U' bend tubes.
As Per Customer Requirement
4 Bare Tubes Bundles For Big Diameter & Heavy Thickness Piping Material
5 Tubes With PVC Sleeve and packed in Wooden Boxes For Polished Tubes & If Customer Require
6 Tubes bundles with PVC Film and
Plywood Sheets on the bundles.
For Export Tubes Bundles.

Selection of type of packing depends on customers need as specified in customer's purchase order. If nothing is specified in the customer purchase order, our standard packing style is followed.

All the tubes are supplied with standard end capes on both ends. Special types of end caps are supplied if required by customer.

Care is taken during handling & packing of thin tubes to prevent dent & scratches.

Shipping Marks are attached to each Wooden Crate, Wooden Box and Bundle packing.