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About Us

HMTL HFS Unit has been commenced and commissioned with state-of-the-art manufacturing
process of Cross Roll Piercing, Accu Roiling, SRM technology In Dec 2011 and produces
various Carbon & Alloy Steel Grades of Seamless Tubular products. Cross Roll Piercing
process begins with piercing of a hot round bar cut piece on the piercer, followed by Accu Roll
for precision dimensional corrtroi of intermediate product, hollow cylindrical shell. Finally, the
dimensions are controlled within specified variations on the Stretch Reducing MIII(SRM). This
process minimizes longitudinal and transverse defects in pipes and tubes. halm ensures better
control over wall thickness variations as compared to other manufacturing process.

HMTL manufactures a variety of OCTG products such as Casings, Tubing, PUP Joints,
Coupling Stock, Finished coupling (API) and specialized tubes for venous mechanical
applications in Boilers and Boiler components, Economizers, Heat Exchangers and pipes used
for cryogenic applications. These Items can beoustomizedto the requirement of individual
customers Intern of heat treatment end endftnishes.

HMTL has introduced Pager Mill with annual production capacity of 12000MT p.a. to
manufacture mechanical, hydraulic, boiler tubes, etc. This multistep forming process
guararrtees high quality seamless tubes. This process greatly berme marterlais grain structure
&duets multi step reduction process from larger diameter of preexisting tube into smaller
diameter tube yields excellent outside & inside surface and closed eccentricityqualitytMes.

Totals Quality Management (TQM)-Total Quality Management is the key to HMTL’S
phenomenal success. All the stages of manufacturing are throughly planned, closely
monitored, and professionally executed Involving QC INSPECTION & TESTING
PARAMETERS by our qualified, experienced& skilled QC perSOrnel with ETHOS of NO

The company glues immense importance to high ethical values in business & believes In
healthy long term business relationship with customers, suppliers& vendors. On time, anytime
& every time, consistent delivery of good quality products is now taken as guarantee from
HMTL by its customer. Ensuring 100% customer satisfaction is always at the heart of
everything that company does and nothing less will be accepted bythe Management.
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